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For Photo Inquires – Please Email Us

To Purchase Photos or JPEGS please email us at m.davino.spmsports@gmail.com. When e-mailing us for an order please include the following information: What Sport is it that you are inquiring about, what is the name of the Game Gallery that the photo that you want is in and what is the Photo Number of the Picture that you want. This number is located in each photo title or at the end of every caption.

Please note: We do NOT sell college or professional sports pictures.

As of November 1, 2014 any High School, Amateur and Non-Sports pictures are also available in JPEG Format. Purchasing photos in this manner makes it quicker, cheaper and easier.

The cost for these JPEG Images are as follows:

01 – to – 10   =     $10.00     each

11 – to – 20   =     $  8.75     each

21 – to – 30   =     $  7.50     each

31 – to – 40   =     $  6.25     each

41 – to – 50   =     $  5.00     each

If you wish to purchase more than the above listed please email us. For team Photos use the print photo rates.

The photo prices below are from any pictures posted on our website prior to November 1, 2014 and do NOT include: Processing, Shipping and Handling. Thank You!

Prices are as follows for each picture:

4×6 – $5.50

5×7 – $8.50

8×10 – $11.50

12×18 – $27.50

16×20 – $37.50 

20×30 – $50.00

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Please email, it is the quickest and easiest way to reach us and for us to respond.  



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