The Olympic Trials for Men’s Boxing Participants Arrive in Reno for Competition


RENO, NEV. (December 5, 2015) –  

The 2016 Olympic Trials for Men’s Boxing athletes arrived in Reno today in preparation for the event, which will begin Monday at the Silver Legacy Grande Exposition Hall in Reno, Nev. Prior to serious competition in the ring, several of the athletes took their talents to the Circus Circus Reno Midway for more light-hearted activities on Saturday afternoon.
The Olympic Trials participants played several midway games and the action was very heated with not only stuffed animals but also bragging rights on the line. Following an excursion to the midway, the athletes reported to tournament registration and then readied for Sunday’s general weigh-in and tournament draw.
The tournament draw will take place on Sunday at NoVi at the Eldorado Resort at 11 a.m., where all of the competitors will learn their opening round opponents and road to gold at the 2016 Olympic Trials. Competition will begin on Monday with two sessions daily at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m., and will run through Wednesday at the Silver Legacy Grande Exposition Hall. Thursday will feature one session at the Grande Exposition Hall and the event will move over to the Reno Events Center for Friday and Saturday’s championship bouts at 7 p.m.
Athlete Quotes
2015 Pan American Games Champion Antonio Vargas, Kissimmee, Fla., Flyweight
“This is a dream come true. For my whole life, I’ve waited for this moment and now it’s here and I’m just ready to shine. I’ve been pushing my body to the limit. Sparring different styles, tall fighters, short fighters, fast fighters, fighters that want to bang and getting ready for every style. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing, be hungry and just go in there and be first and be last and show that hunger.”
Returning Olympic Trials Champion Cam F. Awesome, Lenexa, Kansas, Heavyweight
“I’ve made all errors in my previous Olympic Trials. I lost in my first Olympic Trials (in 2008). I think I finished fourth. I won the last one (2012) but was not able to go to the Olympics because of a technicality. Now, I believe I have the experience and maturity, the skill and the looks, and the charisma and the charm to win with ease and actually go to the Olympics this time.”
“I just need to be myself and enjoy it like I always do. Everyone else puts pressure on themselves and I do really well when there’s no pressure and I don’t feel any pressure. I’m just going to enjoy myself and maintain my weight because that’s new for me.”
WSB and World Team Trial Champion and Pan American Games bronze medalist Francisco Martinez, Dallas, Texas, Bantamweight
“I feel great, I’m anxious. To be successful, I just need to be confident in all the hard training I’ve been doing for the past two months. I’ve never been this dedicated before to my diet. I’ve been on weight for three weeks. I just need to be confident and do what I’ve been practicing in the gym. It feels like everything that I’ve been training for since I started boxing when I was eight is here. This is what amateurs look forward to their whole lives, all of the training has been for this moment.”
WSB and World Team Trial Champion Anthony Campbell, Covington, Tenn., Middleweight
“It feels great. I’m so excited. I’m already having fun. I trained hard, I just know I’m coming out on top. To be successful, I just need to let my hands go and be more aggressive. Usually, I’m just laid back so I just need to be more aggressive. I’m so excited, I just can’t wait.”
2015 USA Boxing National Champion Ardreal Holmes, Flint, Mich., Welterweight
“It feels great to be here in Reno. I never really thought I’d be here. I need to everything 10 times harder here. I need to execute, listen and win every round here at the Olympic Trials.”
2012 Olympic Training Partner Gilbert Renteria, Houston, Texas, Flyweight
“I feel ready. I’ve been running, sparring, training and getting mentally and physically ready.  I feel like I lived their dream (the 2012 Olympians) to live my dream so it’s my moment now. Working with boxers like Marlen Esparza and seeing great boxers like Rau’shee Warren and Errol Spence, motivates me and it sets a good example for what I need to be doing to better my career. I need to stay confident and be ready for whoever I have to fight.”
Men’s Trials Qualifier Champion Gary Russell, Capitol Heights, Md., Light Welterweight
(A Russell brother has competed in the last three Olympic Trials (Gary Russell, Jr. (2008) and Gary Allan Russell III (2012))
“It feels normal (continuing the legacy). This is what we do.  I learned what to do and what not to do (from my older brothers). I’ve been training hard mentally, physically and spiritually. I feel confident, this is what we do. This is nothing new. I need to listen and go past my will power to be successful. It’s in our DNA to carry on legacies. We have a vast amount of dynasties that don’t get talked upon. It’s in my blood, it’s nothing new. It’s just something that’s meant to happen in our family.”
From L to R: Francisco Martinez, Ardreal Holmes (back), Alante Green, Nico Hernandez, Anthony Campbell, Shakur Stevenson and Cam F. Awesome

(Front to back: D’Angelo Sandate, Anthony Campbell, Ardreal Holmes and Alante Green)


Gilbert Renteria (left) and Pablo Ramirez (right)


From L to R: Anthony Campbell, Francisco Martinez, Nico Hernandez, Antonio Vargas, Shakur Stevenson and Marquis Moore in from of the Silver Legacy Exposition Hall


Middleweight Anthony Campbell with his Midway haul

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